Thursday, 26 April 2007

Free bag!

If you shop in Sainsubury's tomorrow (Friday 27th April) you will be given a free 'bag for life' so there's no excuse for using uneccessary plastic bags! But even when you've got your free bag there are still plenty of ways for you to start cutting down on the number of carrier bags you use...
  • If you're buying something small, put it in your handbag/ pocket
  • When you buy a bottle of wine ask for it to be wrapped in paper
  • Don't double up carrier bags
  • Keep your fruit and veg loose in your trolley instead of in lots of little plastic bags
  • Don't use a plastic bag when you buy your lunch - it's not that far to your desk!
  • Spread the word - tell people who offer you plastic bags why you don't like using them!
If everyone made an effort to do these six things, then there would be far fewer plastic bags in our landfill sites!

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