Monday, 14 May 2007


I heard an interesting piece on the radio while I was in Florida last week about how we should not be so fussy with the produce we pick out at the supermarket as some blemished fruit and vegetables actually have a greater nutritional value than perfect looking ones! The following is a summary of the findings and makes interesting reading. Perhaps we shouldn't be so fussy when we're next out shopping!

If you pick through the bins at your grocery store looking for the most blemish-free produce – stop it! According to experts, you're bypassing the fruits and veggies that pack the biggest nutritional punch. Here are the facts from Woman's World magazine.
  • If you find a tomato with healed-over cracks near the stem – it isn't old or damaged. It just means it grew in dry conditions, which doubles the concentration of B-complex vitamins. And researchers say that boosting your B-vitamins balances your blood sugar, helps you focus, boosts your memory, and helps you sleep better.
  • Dark dots on green bell peppers. It doesn't indicate it's past its prime. It actually means the pepper is sweeter and less acidic than an unblemished one, and contains 120% more vitamin C. Which boosts your resistance to stress, reduces your risk of allergy attacks, and makes your facial skin more elastic.
  • Pick the papayas with small brown spots. Amazonian Indians know that signals a tastier and healthier fruit. And Venezuelan researchers say that spotted papayas contain 400% more of the antioxidant lycopene, which strengthens your bones, protects you from UV rays, and helps lower your cholesterol.
  • Bananas with tiny brown flecks. Jamaican researchers say that spotted bananas have 170% more magnesium. A mineral that relieves muscle aches and migraines, helps maintain healthy blood pressure, and reduces your risk of belly bloat.
To recap: Skip the perfect produce, and choose blemished tomatoes, green peppers, papayas and bananas instead. And you'll be getting more of a nutritional bang for your buck.

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