Monday, 14 May 2007

On your bike!

The time has sadly come for me to say goodbye to the trusty bike that I have had since I was at school and for me to upgrade to a smart, new one. I am a huge fan of cycling; not only is it excellent exercise and the most efficient means of transport it is also friendly to the environment and very convenient for dodging traffic jams (and parking fines!). Now I have my speedy new bike (he's called Roger) I intend to cycle to work at least twice a week. This is a 15 mile round trip, so I am aiming to cycle a minimum of 30 miles a week and preferably more. I shall be attaching my speedometer at the weekend and will be keeping a record of how well I do. I'll keep you posted!

PS Don't worry - my old bike won't be clogging up the landfil sites. I have found him a happy new home and hope he will be on the road for a few more years yet!

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